I belong to a family organic winery, in Istira, Slovenia. We have 15 hectares of vineyards mostly of indigenous varieties at the heart of our tradition, culture, history, present and I believe the future too. Our organic wines are produced with passion, dedication and love. On our farm, we offer wine tourism experiences, wine tastings, team-buildings, conferences and weddings.

Young farmers can target the local community, teaching the customer to value of buying local and as organic as possible, reducing the supply chain and transport of the food. Locally I’d like to see the growth of organic and biodynamic farms with the only middle-man logistic delivery.

Challenges are getting the land, the knowledge and information, successfully continuing family business, and policy limitations. Regulation for farmers and those starting a farm should be simpler and communication simplified and regular. I’d like to see a systemised connection institution-platform, aiming to keep young farmers in proximity, for efficient sharing of knowledge, practices, information and opportunities. And a simple platform for a common approach toward challenges, and effective and truthful communication with authorities and industry makers, to benefit and empower all participants and all affected by them.