My family and I grow grapes. We have small winery and our wines have won more than 50 awards from numerous festivals. We have many kinds of other vegetables and fruit, and we have animals for milk and meat. Our farm is registered for rural tourism and every day visitors come to try our wine and food. It is a family business – I think small family farms are the future of agriculture in Montenegro. Most of the work on the farm, I do with my younger brother, Acim. Produce on our farm is mix of modern and traditional.

I think the future of Montenegro farming is great. Our government do many good things for growing Montenegro farmers, but I would like to see some policy advancements that offer even better credit support in addition to existing ones, so that young farmers, just starting out, can begin their business and make it sustainable, then facilitate registration procedures and make tax relief.

The main challenges are access to credit, labour, appropriate technology, and lack of processing capacity.