BOND produced a series of project-related publications to foster social capital in Europe.

Four of them reflect the outcomes of the BOND Policy Roundtables that took place in Romania, Hungary, Poland and Portugal. They combine outcomes of the roundtables as well as outcomes of the 10 BOND National Workshops grouping Romania, France and Moldova; Hungary and Croatia; Poland and Czech Republic; and finally, Portugal and Spain. In addition, a Land Management publication, and a Synthesis General publication, have been prepared. All of these 6 publications bring forward the learnings from all the BOND project activities throughout the 3 project years (2017- 2020), and provide recommendations for policy makers and food and agriculture constituencies throughout Europe.

Thematic publications have also been prepared, one on the wide diversity of stories on collective action that are exponentially growing in The Barn, which is the BOND Repository, another one on the Gaming techniques and experiences that were practiced and explored with farmers, government officials, private sector, NGOS, civil society organisations, research institutions in various BOND activities, and others on specific issues on social capital and collective action.

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