Youth Forum Thematic Workshop 1

‘If you are a young farmer today, thank you…’

Anneke from Austria opened today’s workshop by reading this essay, followed by Brîndusa from Romania and her introductory cartoons.

The first Youth Forum online thematic workshop brought together 8 young farmers to discuss ‘Where do we (young farmers) fit in the EU food and farming policies for the future?’ Expert, Geneviève Savigny, Member of Confédération paysanne and member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), gave two 20-minute interventions about European Union priorities and possibilities to influence future policy.

This led to discussion around knowledge transfer, making our voices heard, framework and a programme for the future, beaurocracy, and how to use collective action to make invisible farmers visible.

All participants had designated active roles before, during and after the workshop, be it web researcher, note taker, introducer or rapporteur. The bulk of the workshop made space for the young farmers to work together to come up with concrete policy proposals, which will be worked on and presented to the full Youth Forum in September.

The BOND Project received some positive comments: Stepanek from Czech Republic found it good for knowledge sharing and Eponine from Slovakia said it was good for connecting young farmers.

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