Youth Forum for the Future begins online

BONDs Youth Forum for the Future began with an introductory webinar for all participants on Friday 24th July. Hosted by Eco Ruralis with expert facilitator Andrea Ferrante from Scholar Campesina, the event brings together 34 young farmers from 34 European countries to share visions, express needs and aspirations and provide fresh insights that will translate into policy recommendations and solutions to policymakers in Europe.

31 people attended the opening webinar live. The young farmers all shared a little about themselves and their farm and were introduced to the BOND Project and the methodology for this event. COVID restrictions meant this part of the forum had to move online, instead of face-to-face in Romania as originally planned. One advantage of this was participants could see each other on their individual farms. Some joined the webinar from their lounge, their bedroom, their garden, field, tractor, some had partners or family around them, another was trying to chase run away cows. The webinar was recorded for those unable to attend.

This week, participants will be split to attend four workshops for detailed research, debate, and policy recommendation development around specific themes:

  • EU Policies for the future
  • Markets for the next generation
  • Natural Resources
  • Innovation and knowledge

These workshops will harvest new ideas on the future of farming and bring forward concrete solutions for collective action in agriculture.


Keep checking the Youth Forum page and BOND’s Social Media for more updates on Youth Forum for the Future.