I live in a small village on the island of Cres. We have 25 sheep, fruits and vegetables and 20 beehives. Every free minute I spend working with the animals, but my main job is in an office, connected with EU funds, so I’m well aware of other agricultural associations. I’m acting as secretary in the local sheep association. I’m curious about everything and I try to learn as much as possible from any situation.

Need for ecological and sustainable products are increasing and I’m supporting the idea of small-scale farms in bigger number. Cooperation could work on a regional level or on the type of production. Land ownership, taxes and lack of knowledge stand in the way. The viewpoint on sustainable farming needs to change, but not only on a political/paperwork way, the governments should really start to think how to support basic elements of the society so the society can develop.

Since the tourism will crash this year due to COVID-19, I expect that the future for my region is bright. The problem will arrive when it won’t be possible to sell all the extra produce from the island (olive oil for example).