Green Recovery and the Role of Collective Action

The webinar took place on Monday 12th October from 10:00 to 11:30 am Rome time.

In the context of the global pandemic, we have the opportunity to learn from this experience and work collectively towards a green recovery programme that builds resilience into our food and farming system.

The webinar featured 6 producers who have had the bravery to “seize the day” and are working collectively with others to regenerate our economy, nature and health.

The webinar was delivered in English and live streamed on Youtube.

Watch the video to learn from their inspiring example, so we can build a healthy and resilient society.

Lilian and Nikos are the vice presidents of the Northern Greece Organic Farmers Association (representing more than 100 certified organic farmers). They farm ‘The Chilli Factor’ where they grow microgreens, edible flowers and of course, chillis.


Marcin raises pasture-fed beef cattle on a family farm with his father and brother in the west of Poland. He is passionate to see agroforestry spread throughout Poland. He was one of the initial 60 representatives of the BOND Project.

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Nikolina is a pharmacist raising sheep and poultry with holistic management principles in Vojakovac, Križevci, with her husband, two small children and three employees. Her market is based on personal relationships with customers. She is a big promoter of regenerative farming.

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Bruna is an assistant professor in Zagreb University’s Faculty of Agriculture.  She and her husband own a family farm in Vojakovac, Križevci (NE Croatia), raising mostly indigenous cows, pigs and turkeys with holistic management methods. They have two children.

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Martin and his wife run Farma Lukava – a horse-powered CSA vegetable farm in Czech Republic. He dreamed of having horse-powered family farm one day and the dream came true. Now he is trying to help others to fulfill their dreams with the farming adventure as well.

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