Kim Tina


I’ve worked as a fine art and biology teacher abroad and in Berlin. I studied social work and permaculture, which combines arts, biology and social care, for me, in a perfect way. My flat has a small garden. I keep bees and teach beekeeping and the importance of bees. Educating children and adults about sustainable local agriculture and engaged farmers increases the health of our future food systems. In schools the focus is on faster higher further, over living in harmony and appreciation with nature.

Of course, you need money to start – to buy land, animals, equipment, or seeds.  Not everybody is able to find a foundation or fulfill an application.  Finance sources are bureaucratic and quite selective.  Access to land is limited and expensive.

I hope local farms expand to deliver their food to markets and individuals in Berlin. There are a few collectives in the city, showing people how to grow their own food and make them aware of the food system in general. I believe in a movement where people think about consumption, sustainability and healthier lifestyles connected to food. I believe in exchanging goods. When farmers are specialised they often harvest more than they use themselves.