Last session of the third BOND Lab Experiment in Moldova : ‘Gamification based on the development of cooperation’

On September 18th 2020 @Proentranse held the last session of the third BOND Lab Experiment in Moldova and concluded the eight month testing of the BOND model with an online workshop centred on gamification and serious play.

Based on the observation that when people are informal they can develop solutions using their creativity, the card game ‘What Is Your Story’ served as a basis for the workshop. The game consists in a set of pre established cards from which participants collectively create a story to answer a given question.

Based on the set of images they were shown, participants were asked to answer the following question: ‘What can we do together to stimulate cooperation in the Republic of Moldova?’. Participants worked together in groups, prompting their creativity to overcome obstacles in a playful way.

Fruitful ideas emerged from the different working groups as some participants emphasised the need to raise awareness on the meaning of the words ‘association’ and ‘cooperation’ in their country while others stressed the importance of improving the lives of small-scale family farmers. Common ground, objectives and investments were also brought forwards as solutions to stimulate cooperation in the Republic of Moldova.

This session was successfully concluded with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the participants.

You can learn more about the BOND Lab Experiment in Moldova, watch the videos and download the material here: