Second session of the Third BOND Lab Experiment in Moldova: ‘Constructive dialogue between farmers’ organisations and governmental institutions’

ProEntranse held the second of three online sessions of the Third BOND Lab Experiment in Moldova on Friday 11th of September 2020. Representatives of fruit producers, beekeeping and aromatic associations as well as cereal production representatives attended the event centred on constructive dialogue between governmental institutions and farmer organisations.

Lucia Usurelu introduced the topic and Ana Mardare, facilitator, welcomed the 30 participants.

Raluca Dan and Stela Zamoiu conducted the first part of the online session by presenting BOND partner Ecoruralis’ work and their experience in the collective distribution of indigenous seeds across the country. Among the elements they shared for participants to use in their activities, they explained that political cooperation and high levels of communication and organisation between farmers were fundamental to ensure successful collaborations.


In the second part of the session, the participants were divided into working groups to debate on the importance of traditional seeds and the right to seeds among Moldovan farmers as well as to discuss connections with national lobbies and advocacy groups. After 15 minutes of collaborative thinking, each group shared their ideas and recommendations with the other groups and debated.

Participants highlighted four points for action concerning the promotion of local, peasant seeds and qualities in the Republic of Moldova among peasant households, farmers and the general population. The elaboration of a framework regulation regarding the production and marketing of seeds produced by local farmers was suggested, along with the creation of a network or an association to promote and inform farmers about the production of seeds. The creation of a seed bank for sorting and multiplying indigenous seeds and the active promotion of products from indigenous varieties and seeds were also brought forward.

In order to ensure the sustainability of peasant seeds and their use by peasant households, the importance and responsibility of Central Public Authorities was discussed. Participants strongly advocated for the inclusion of healthy eating, the organic production of fruits and vegetables or the promotion of indigenous varieties in the national development programmes.

Participants also shared their ideas on who to cooperate with at local, regional and national level to promote peasant seeds and access. They recommended to address the Ministry of Agriculture with a request, seek for other peasant associations’ support and promote the local seeds through internet communication networks.

Lucia Usurelu concluded this second session that was very rich in ideas by thanking all participants. She announced that the next session is to take place on Friday the 18th of September 2020 and will result in the signing of a memorandum of understanding.


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