I grow, cultivate, and grind with a stone mill, the ancient grains our ancestors consumed. My mission is to shift views around slow food, especially here in the south where there is little understanding. It’s a calling, the dharma of my life on this earth!

I helped start Slow Food in Foggia, participating in festivals and markets and speaking at events. I collaborate with local likeminded producers – one makes artisanal beer from my grain. Through WWOOF I host anyone who wants to experience Italian organic agriculture. It helps me spring and summer when the workload is heavy, and I like sharing my culture and learning about theirs. Cooperation can be done in a global context, with social media and apps that support agriculture and connect other members of our vibe tribe around the fire.

Meaningful change to the current system needs to come from top down and bottom up. Governments must be persuaded but ultimately people have the power. We vote with our dollar.

I sense a change in favour of alternative farming and products. People want artisanal flour, craft beer, organic wines, grass fed cows and eggs from open air chickens. I see community, organisations and movements growing up and building around this.