“Let the BONDing continue!” ToT prior to the Policy roundtable, Cluj Napoca Romania

Between the 28th and 30th of November, 2019, BOND project partner Eco Ruralis is organizing a series of events in Cluj, Napoca, Transilvania, Romania. It all begins with a training of 16 young peasant farmers, agroecological food producers, and food and civil activists from Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The objective of the training is to upscale their skills on leadership, communication, and political self-representation as well as debating on how to increase collective action and collaborative farming practices through developing larger social networks of farmers both on a regional and national level.

The series of events continues with an international policy roundtable having participants from both Eastern and Western European countries. Participants will debate under the overarching theme of “Collective action for access to farmland”. The event will look at the opportunities brought by the EU Common Agricultural Policy and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants bring for farmers and land managers in Eastern Europe.

Both events propose to tailor out action plans for the future, common activities that participants will engage in but also policy proposals that should come in the support of their practical and political actions. ”


Contents provided by Mr. Attila Szocs