We are a small farm, producing organic vegetables, spices and herbs in foil tents and outdoors. We work as a family, helped by a paid, casual worker. We operate a vegetable basket system with home delivery, but customers can also visit our farm on demand. We supply vegetables to shops and restaurants. In our countryside, I see an opportunity in processing, and farmers with larger areas who can produce quantities should consider exporting to western markets.

It’s hard for young farmers in Serbia without existing possessions or some political background. Farmland is expensive due to its quality. Prices of tools and raw materials are close to those of the West, but salaries and crop prices lag far behind. Subsidies from the state are only symbolic. I’d like to see tax breaks introduced and increased subsidies, non-refundable applications and favorable bank loans to help novice young farmers. In addition, normal crop prices should be set.

Collaboration has an important role in market research and sales in larger markets. Farmers can help each other produce more efficiently through the exchange of experience, working together and representing a greater force – together it’s easier to fight for the economical/political benefit of farmers.