Our 250-ha family farm produces pigs in a closed cycle (2000 hogs annually), and cultivates oil seed rape, winter wheat, spring barley, sowing peas and buckwheat on rather poor soils. During less intense seasons I work remotely as a consultant in aspects of agriculture related to finance, economy, marketing, IT and European funds. Previously I worked as analyst in agriculture banking and IT.

I grew up on the farm. After my degree, I came back to my village in eastern Poland, close to the border between Ukraine and Belarus. I believe strongly in new technologies, especially digitalisation and precision farming. I organised some research groups related to sustainable apple processing, satellite-based fertilisation and watering, reuse of food waste in pig production or development of biggest internet market for agriculture goods in Poland. Using my networks, I have established the biggest internet group for Polish farmers – Rozmowy o Rolnictwie, with almost 80k users.

I’d like to see a CAP based on real economic evidence instead of popular myths and political aspirations. I’d like to see farms sharing data, equipment and works. I believe cooperation, consolidation and development of technology will lead to more sustainable and resource-efficient agriculture.