I manage, with my husband, about 3000 m2 of land, piloting an agroecological farm in Moldova where we are multiplying seeds. In parallel, we are founders of an NGO, ‘Gradina Moldovei’, which has a mission to create a peasant seed bank and an open space for training in the topic of Agroecology. We are focusing exclusively on plants: vegetables, herbs, shrubs and fruit trees.

Our challenges are visibility on the market network, and delivery/proximity to customers. I’d like to see policy changes for access to land, fiscal facilities (at least during the first years) and guidance through administrative/certificate aspects.

Young farmers have an opportunity to establish direct contact with customers (open doors, CSA, delivering days). In my region I hope to see growing networks between farmers with different products, combined in a holistic CSA basket delivered directly to customers. I’d like there to be more links/interactions between producers and customers as well as diversity in production (not only fresh, but dried or canned products too).