I grow vegetables, fruit trees, spelt and einkorn wheat on 2 hectares. Everything is organic.

Cooperation is difficult, but achievable. People need to overcome their egos.

There should be a subsidy policy. The problems we face are many, but the most important is lack of knowledge. When you start doing something, you have to study and plan, so you don’t have serious problems in the future. I’ve encountered other farmers who destroy soil biodiversity, don’t know how to use the land profitably, or what crops to grow according to the conditions, or are unaware of hygienic practices, and more. Not only young farmers, but farmers in general, need more applicable knowledge. We have little information about new practices because they have not been tested enough. We need to invest in the future and look ahead, to monitor how climate and nature are changing, so we can change ourselves in order to enjoy clean food for longer. Being a farmer is harder than most people think. You have to be a good agronomist, breeder, meteorologist, machine operator, financial specialist, mechanic, trader but most of all – a parent.