Mireia Vidal


I am a peasant. I work almost 4 ha. The land is part-rented and part-bought. My crops are: red fruits, wine grapes, almonds, olives and vegetables. Everything is agroecological.  I also make preserves with my product and that of other farmers. I have a store in a market in Valencia where I sell my products and those of other colleagues. We work 3 people continuously in this project and sometimes more.  I also participate in a Participatory Guarantee System, and I am the General Secretary of a Peasant Union in the Valencian Country.

Challenges are access to markets, access to credit, regulatory/policy burdens, unfair competition by other farmers/farming enterprises, product prices, taxes, and appropriate technology.

I’d like young farmers to achieve European policies that support and develop distribution networks and agroecological consumption. We need policies to end imports that invade local markets, improve short marketing channels and work on fair price.

Cooperation could work at territorial level. Farming is an important and strategic sector, with great potential, but if it is not supported, no young people will want to work in agriculture.