More details on the Hungarian National workshop, 6th May 2019

Follow up the May 6 Hungarian national workshop Kislépték presented #bondprojecteurope and the findings of the national workshop at the social farming conference Szak-Ajtó held at the Ministry of Human Resources in Budapest, Hungary. Deputy State Secretary Dr Attila Szinay from the Agricultural Ministry explained the importance of social farming in maintaining sustainable rural areas, while Deputy State Secretary Dr. Attila Simon from Ministry of Human Resources emphasized the significant role of farming activity in the life of vulnerable people in the countryside and Ministry Advisor Zsolt Ruszkai from Ministry of Finance talked about the Government policies on social farms. Kislépték described the need for tailor-made regulations (land-use, flexible hygienic rules for production, taxation) for social good economy and sustainable farming as to enhance their effective operation. It was highlighted that consumers and social awareness and consciousness could be developed by setting up a social economy registration and the introduction of the social economy label to identify positive social impact. The participants (decision makers, NGO’s and researchers agreed a well-elaborated social farming regulatory framework could contribute to sustainable farming with agro-ecologically accepted methods as the main stakeholders are good messengers of sustainable technics. The finding and proposals of the May 6 National Workshop, organized by Kislépték and Védegylet, was handed over in written form to the representative of the Agricultural Ministry.

In the final event of the conference, Social Farm certification trademark award was distributed among social network cooperatives and associations. These organizations manage farming activities for vulnerable people as to rehabilitate and employ them in agriculture by dealing with chicken raising, egg production, vegetable gardening, cheese making, etc. Kislépték had a major work in the preparation of the certificate trademark handbook and the registration Social Farm certification trademark for Szibiózis Fund, the holder of the certificate trademark, which is a party to the working network of Kislépték.


Content provided by Mrs. Major Ágnes