News on the two days national workshop in London: 10th September “Agroecology in action” Parliamentary Meeting on Agroecology and a Stakeholder Consultation on The Environmental Land Management Schemes and policy to support Agroecology, 10 and 11th September 2019, London

This policy workshop brought together farmers, foresters, community food growers, food
activists, and public interest groups to develop policy recommendations for key government
consultations on the National Food Strategy and the emerging Environmental Land
Management Schemes.

The topics discussed (with approximate timings) are the:
1) Proposed Environmental Land Management Schemes including sustainable farming transition, payments for public goods, landscape-scale ecosystem restoration. 10- 1
2) National Food Strategy and House of Lords enquiry into food poverty 2-3
3) Post EU Markets and the Shared Properity Fund 3-4

Press here for the agenda