Short description

Name of the initiative? Jurassic Food Cooperative (Jurnjska Kooperative Spozywacza)

Country Poland

Region Śląskie

What kind of initiative Farming, Biodiversity, Educational/training, Community


Success factors and needs

Briefly describe what your initiative is about It is food cooperative for farmers and consumers. It is as well a community spreading agroecological values, connecting the city with the village.


Why did you start it and when? I initiated this food cooperative in 2017 to be able to buy food from good farmers and to be able to sell products from my farm.



How did you establish it? Hard work and a lot of time, cooperation, relationships based on trust. I was inspired by good practices from Europe.


Who did you connect with? With farmers and consumers.


What enabled collaboration? The need for access to healthy and local food.



What challenges did you face? Were you able to resolve them? How? The challenge is the amount of volunteer work, building a community based on trust, exchanging knowledge and skills. We had challenges with offices, and restrictive legal regulations make our work difficult.
We develop our social skills, cooperate with offices and educate ourselves.


What were the lessons learned? Work together collectively despite the difficulties.


What did it change in your life and the life of your community? The community and cooperative experience strengthened me and taught me a lot. As a community, we have a sense of value that comes from working together and sharing our resources.



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