Short description

Name of the initiative? Regulation for the Processing and Sale of Products of Local Farmers

Country Spain

Region Valencia Country

What kind of initiative Farming/production,  Processing, Policy making


Success factors

Briefly describe what your initiative is about Creating a framework within the regional administrations that allows certain exceptions and flexibility in the regulation of production, processing and sale of food products.


Why did you start it and when? The Food Sovereignty Platform of the Valencian Country carried out an advocacy campaign to encourage policy makers to include and develop a new regulation framework. The Agrarian administration and the Department of Public Health of the Valencian government eventually agreed and allocated personnel and resources for it. They negotiated with small producers and published a new regulation to enable production and sale through Short Food Supply Chains beginning in the summer of 2015.


Who did you connect with? Small and local producers were organized within the Platform for Food Sovereignty of the Valencian Country.


How did you establish it? We held periodic meetings, and had direct contact, organizing visits to artisan producers and processors.


What enabled collaboration? The organization of producers, the political impact and the decision of the political decision makers.


What challenges did you face? Were you able to resolve them? How? Finding and validating small-scale production and processing methods that ensure food safety.


What were the lessons learned? Coordination and availability of small-scale producers is complicated.



What did it change in your life and the life of your community? Small scale producers and processors will be able to maintain traditional productions. Selling over shorter distances improves the economic viability of their projects and generates less environmental impact. They can afford to stay in the rural area.


Choose 3-5 key words Processing, local, artisan, small-scale, tradition


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