Spain, February 26th– March 2nd 2018

The first Study tour has been held in Spain from 26th February to 2nd March and it was a great success. Congratulations to the organizers!

With a Spanish rhythm of 24/7 the beneficiaries hardly slept, especially when we had to go to the wholesale market of Valencia at 5am! Juan and his COAG team have chosen case studies which were found of great relevance by the representatives and there was a sustained interest and many many questions. The visit to the Public Health authorities was relevant, because permitted the group to know the legal guidelines for food safety etc. under EU guidelines, for the region.

We had an incredible diversity of visits, places, experiences, and food. Hosts spared no effort to share their experiences of collective organizations with the group and often invited them for food etc.

The tour had 10 representatives: Jose Miguel and Florence from Portugal, Deidre from Ireland, Konstantinos, Folios, Anastasios from Greece, Vojtech from Czech Republic, Sandra from Italy, Vojin from Bosnia, Ioana from Rumania. In total 4 women and 6 men.

We then had on the side of the organizers in COAG, Juan, Mireia and Manuel, from the CU side Alex Franklin and Angela Hilmi, and then Gaetano Naccarato,the film maker, and from the other representatives in Spain in a spirit of great solidarity and collaboration Dora from SL and Mamen from UOC to prepare the ground for Cordoba. Then we had 3 interpreters for English and Greek.