Test the BOND model

in a lab experiment in Moldova

The BOND model, defined through the application of the findings and tools developed in the previous activities, will be tested in Moldova, as a “lab” for testing and fine tuning the approaches to foster social capital in the bonding, bridging and linking sectors, in one particular country.

The lab experiment in Moldova will allow to test in one country, in a real-life environment, with the main national policy-making agency in the farming sector: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Republic of Moldova, the implementation of project activities. This exercise will foster the development of social capital in Moldova, contributing to strengthen farmers‟ groups, and will also be a demonstration field for other countries in Europe where the level of organization is low, as a documented example that will showcase what can be achieved when providing an enabling environment, and using the methods and tools developed throughout the BOND project..

A participatory analysis and a review of the regulatory environments provide a range of examples, and good practice in Europe that can facilitate a more enabling environment for farmers and provide solutions to overcome legal constraints which often represent a main impediment for collective action.