10 national workshops

Portugal - Republic of Moldova - Romania - Czech Republic - Hungary - Poland - Italy - Spain - UK - France

The action provides the organization of 10 national workshops (Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Spain, UK, France) with the different stakeholders to work in three thematic roundtables: sustainable farming, access to markets and environmental sustainability. Other related areas and themes are: access to credit, access to natural resources, the importance of coordinated action by pooling resources and knowledge, the importance of federating into apexes for certain services/activities, to use and apply the processes and trainings developed for the groups to build their own strategy and action plan networking and reaching higher levels of collective work and aggregation into apex bodies in the different thematic areas.

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Workshop “Promoting Associative Movement, Strengthen Family Farming” Coimbra | Portugal | February 24, 2019

The situation of the agricultural association movement in Portugal is discussed in plenary, more concretely around the Family Agriculture in order to make clear the current context of agricultural and food policies and the associative movement.

In a second stage, the discussion is organized in groups to enumerate, for each of the raised matters “causes” and “solutions” to overcome the constraints identified.