4 regional policy roundtables

Portugal - Hungary - Romania - Poland

The Regional Policy Roundtables aimed to develop links and relationships between farmers, ‘land manager groups’, policy makers, and other key stakeholders, at all levels (local, regional, national and EU level). These connections can facilitate a mutual understanding of different realities (and sometimes conflicting worldviews, logics and interests) and result in coordinated action. It is based on participatory methods as the new interfaces, toolkits and platforms for understanding each other and building alliances.

The gaming technique designed during the project to create a new interface between farmers and policy makers, was used to develop the methods applied in 4 regional policy roundtables in the selected regions Portugal, Hungary, Romania and Poland. In each regional policy roundtable, 20 participants were invited, representative of the farmer/land manager and policy making constituencies as well as other key stakeholders as deemed relevant.

The meetings were interactive and the output was a list of recommendations made available widely in the selected countries and for EU policy-makers in general.

It tested the implementation of the new approaches and capacity building in the “lab” experiment of Moldova.