6 study tours in 6 countries

Netherlands - Norway - France - Italy - Spain - UK

BOND will organize 6 study tours and visits to the key selected sites in 6 countries (Netherlands, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK), for face to face encounters and common sharing and exploration of practices, between those who have successfully reached higher  levels of aggregation and governance, having acquired a stronger position in negotiation and policy design, and those who are in the process of engaging in more collective practice, be it individuals, groups, cooperatives and other entities in countries where the level of organization is considered low.

These immersions and interactions will benefit a total of 60 representatives of farmers‟ and land managers‟ groups and entities, including group leaders, facilitators, intermediates etc., able to bring back home to their own countries, the knowledge and experiences acquired during the trips. More specifically these representatives will develop materials that document the visits in various forms:  reports, recorded interviews, videos, posters, photo libraries etc. The study tours will also contribute to develop closer ties between the different stakeholders and the creation of interregional networks, using social media platforms.