34 young farmers & land managers

under 34 years old from 34 countries

BOND will organize a Youth Forum for 34 young farmers/land managers under 34 years old from 34 countries.
The Forum will be organized in Central/Eastern Europe and will provide directions for the future in key areas of the farming sector. It will bring together the visions, needs and aspirations of the youth in Europe and provide a roadmap for the future with recommendations for policy-makers in Europe, illustrating ways to foster social capital in particular the youth of Europe. The young farmer in each country, conveying the “voice” of his peers, will be selected through a contest, in which participants will be asked to present their own distinct strategies on:


How they “see” their future in terms of “working with others” in which environment


What they need/want to “learn”


How they will express or “tell” (written, art, visual, audio) their aspirations

Check out the news for the upcoming event at https://www.bondproject.eu/bond-forum-young-farmers-for-the-future/!