Youth forum

BOND is organising a Youth Forum in Romania, for 34 young farmers, under 34 years old, from 34 countries in Europe.

The forum will be an occasion for the new generation of farmers to share visions, express needs and aspirations and provide fresh insights that will translate into policy recommendations and solutions to policymakers in Europe. This platform will harvest new ideas on the future of farming and bring forward concrete solutions for collective action in agriculture. Due to the current Covid-19, activities are currently taking place through social media channels and online conferencing.

Amongst others, key topics will include sustainable farming, regenerative agriculture, peasant farming, agroecology, food sovereignty, market access and access to land and natural resources.

The outcomes expected are youth bonding, engagement strengthening, networks creation, participation in the European policy making process, further practical and theoretical skills-sharing activities and consequent national dissemination. In short, participants will have the opportunity to gather and address EU policy makers with proposals for the future of a youth-inclusive agriculture!

Online Webinars and Thematic Workshops will unfold during July and August and it is our hope that all participants will be able to meet physically in Romania (expenses covered) depending on how the Covid-19 situation evolves. The forum will be organized by Eco Ruralis, Romanian partner of the project.

Webinar #1

Introduction and Methodology

July 24, 2020

The introductory webinar was organised to engage young farmers in sharing their own work, interests and personal vision and dreams for the future; to present the working methodology of the thematic workshops and assign different roles; and also to present documents and videos provided to participants.

Workshop #1

EU Policies for the Future

July 28, 2020

Background documents

Introductory video to the First Thematic Workshop of Young Farmers for the Future Online Forum

Recording of the First Thematic Workshop: Where do we (young farmers) fit in the EU food and farming policies for the future?

Workshop #2

 Markets for the next generation

July 29, 2020

Background documents

Introductory video to the Second Thematic Workshop of Young Farmers for the Future Online Forum

Recording of the Second Thematic Workshop: How can we develop markets for the next generation of farmers?

Workshop #3

Natural resources

July 30, 2020

Background documents

Introductory video to the Third Thematic Workshop of Young Farmers for the Future Online Forum

Recording of the Third Thematic Workshop: How can young farmers work together to innovate and share knowledge creatively?

Concluding session

Natural resources Joint declaration of young farmers & next steps

September 18, 2020

Background documents

FNCuma wasn't involved in the Youth Forum, and disengages herself from any kind of result or dissemination content linked to the Youth Forum activity. 
La FNCuma n'est pas associée au Youth Forum et se désengage de tout résultat /toute communication liés aux travaux de ce groupe.