The BOND Survey is about Knowledge Exchange

It is about networking, connecting and learning more about working together (collective action) in the farming sector in Europe.
The goal is to contribute to a healthier and more harmonious farming sector in Europe.

By strengthening organisations and networks
By learning new ways of working together

So, welcome to the BOND survey!

We need you! We need your experiences, your knowledge, your sharing.
We want to hear your own story, positive or negative, both are useful to inspire others.
By filling this questionnaire, you help create strong, dynamic and effective organizations in the farming sector in Europe.
And you will also benefit by hearing the stories of others!
The questionnaire aspires to mobilize particularly information around the following questions:

What have been the principle drivers of your initiative?
What are its crucial success factors so far?
What type of meaningful facilitation did it receive so far?
What type of future facilitation is thought to be of critical importance?

Once you fill in this questionnaire, it will be reviewed, and brought into a repository of case studies and solutions, to be accessed to everyone publicly on the BOND website.