Study tour | France

The study tour in France has been held on the week 5th-9th march 2018.

It was the second tour and again a very fruitful and diverse set of visits with a presentation of multi-stakeholder cooperatives (SCIC), a collective project to support new people in agriculture who can experiment during one year on-site, a strong Oignon CUMA where we learned a lot about how collective action emerges and succeeds, a beautiful and enticing cooperative shop belonging to farmers, where we hardly resisted to eat everything, and where the coop members shared their life experience and how they became strongly rooted and prosperous.

The visits also included a big CUMA (coop of agricultural machinery), one of the 12.000 CUMA’s experiences, 12.000 examples for BOND of how people came around collective action!

In this last visit Thierry, active member, says: “the CUMA is not the machinery you can see below, the CUMA is the 42 members who sit around this table and decide together what is best for all.”