We have a family farm in the middle of Luxemburg with 70 dairly cows and 100 ha. I work there 50% of the time. My main area is the 350 laying hens.  We have recently started to grow small quantities of vegetables for our self-service shop. My boyfriend and I are in the Young Farmer organisation.

Agriculture is an old system – you can see it in the families, in the policy, in the rules: for example, you often don’t have a salary. In times past, you took what your parents took. I’d like to see the system become easier and more flexible. I think as young farmers we have an opportunity to align our farm at our aims and strengths.

Many consumers have forgotten the production systems, and don’t think about what country their products come from, but this is changing. Our region is going to change a lot. People will buy regional products – they like to buy from a farm shop. We will get a short food chain but will have to work more on farm promotion. The next steps are water solutions and organic farming. Luxembourg wants to make 25% of land organic farmland.