08 September

Leitrim Organic Farmers’ Co-op

An organic selling cooperative in Ireland that has expanded to include training, agricultural advice, activism and influencing policy.   Key words: organic agriculture, biodiversity, livestock, quality livestock products, authentic, cooperative, ethical   Short description Name of the initiative? Leitrim Organic …

08 June

San Lidano

A fresh cut salad cooperative that grew from a small family business in the 1990s to become one of the top ten players in the fresh cut salad market in Italy. Key words: Cooperative, fresh cut salad   Short description …

08 June

Yum Yum Cooperative (Njam-Njam Zadruga)

A cooperative of five farms that deliver their products to the customers’ doorsteps; establishing a Croatian holistic management hub with approval of the Savory Institute for holistic management. Key words: organic, holistic management, farms, cooperative Short description Name of the …

08 June

Verifruct Business Cooperative

A seven-year-old fruit and arable cooperative finding ways to overcome various challenges including those posed by COVID-19. Key words: Apples, plums, fruit trees, cooperative, value chains   Short description Name of the initiative? Verifruct Business Cooperative Country Republic of Moldova Region Hânceşti …

08 June

Country-shop Cooperation (Landwinkel Coöperatie)

A cooperative of farm shops: 87 dairy and fruit farmers and 2 garden centres focusing on purchase and sale of farm-products for the members, logistics and promotional support. Key words: Farmers’ cooperative, collective marketing model, short supply chains, regional products …

08 June

Green Care (Inn på tunet Norge)

A group of six Green Care farmers formed a cooperative, which grew into a regional cooperative, inspiring other regional cooperatives, which joined into a national cooperative representing 170 Green Care farmers across Norway. Key words: Cooperative, welfare services, quality certified …

04 December

Cooperative njam-njam ; Croatian HM hub

Initiative based (region) HR

Country Križevci, Koprivničko-Križevačka county, Eastern Europe

5 key words that best represent the story organic, holistic menagment, farms, cooperative