Farmers, land managers and their organizations are important players for the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the agriculture sector in Europe. Dispersed in fragmented production units, small farmers face high transaction costs in competitive markets. By working more closely, getting organized and creating networks, they will be able to achieve economies of scale, access to information and knowledge, sustainably manage natural resources and engage in political fora.


The EU BOND project activities envisage the creation of a “menu à la carte” of relevant tools already existing or newly created to support continuous learning and sharing within the BOND community.

The objective is to provide the farmers, land managers and their organizations already involved or newly created through the BOND project, methodologies and tools to tailor and implement sensitization, awareness raising and capacity development events on bonding, bridging and linking topics. It also seeks to strengthen leadership and management skills, service delivery and advocacy.

The resources cover a number of different thematic areas regarding grass-root level farmer organizations as well as national and regional level platforms of farmers and land managers to support them to engage in group mobilization, strategic processes for organizational structuring, policy dialogue on relevant issues.

The selected topics are the priority areas identified by the BOND community during the study-tours, the Cordoba Forum and the Training of Trainers.  Moreover, such topics are the areas of dialogue and collective reflection chosen for the 10 national workshops to be implemented in 2019.

More specifically topics covered include:

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Constructive Dialogue


Financial management


Market access and development


Organizational Development