The project explores new ways of engaging the stakeholders in activities that will help ease understanding and promote connection between them. BOND’s legacy is to offer, to the farmers and land managers across Europe, for the medium and long term, a set of practical processes, methods and tools (with training modules), easily accessible and user-friendly, to build capacity in bonding (within), bridging (between) and linking (beyond) capital, for the creation of dynamic, strong and effective collective organizations.

Serious gaming for policy

A specific gaming technique will be designed to engage with policymakers. This task will exploit existing strategic play initiatives such as Lego Seriousplay, GameChangers Design Thinking and PlayingForReal gamification for capacity building. The approach will devise better ways to working with each other, to come up with common solutions and foster constructive alliances. The approach will be holistic and participatory to ensure that the needs of the stakeholders are taken into consideration.

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