Boosting the Immune systems of Medical workers in Moldova

On 2nd April 2020, equipped with gloves masks and sanitisers, three Moldovan agro associations delivered immune boosting health packages to Covid-19 frontline medical workers. The packages, consisting of teas, honey and hetero-oils were delivered to three hospitals in the Chisinau municipality.

AROMEDA (The Association of Medicinal, Aromatic and Tea Plant Producers of the Republic of Moldova), APIS Codru (The Association of Beekeepers from Calarasi district) and APIS Melifera (The Association of Beekeepers from the Republic of Moldova) had met and established relationships through participation at meetings and activities organised by Proentranse within the BOND project. They decided to join forces again, this time with their own initiative, believing the fate of the entire nation depends on the condition of its doctors.

A spokesperson for AROMEDA said: ‘In those moments we didn’t think of fear. We thought that the little drop of health we could bring would help those battling the virus in the frontline.

‘We definitely have plans for future collaborations. We would like to develop the agro-sector; have more association and cooperation, because only together we are a strong force and we can overcome any challenge life will throw at us.