A Successful Online Youth Forum

As July concluded so did BOND’s Youth Forum for the Future’s thematic workshops. Between Monday 27 and Friday 31 July, all 34 participants were given an opportunity to learn, debate and begin the search for solutions for some specific challenges affecting European agriculture today. Each of the four 3-hour interactive workshops were attended by 3-9 young farmers, a topical expert and facilitated by Andrea Ferrante of Schola Campesina.

Topics discussed were varied, but included access to land, access to markets, EU Policy, knowledge sharing, peasant rights and innovation.

Although the workshops are concluded, in many ways the work has only just begun. Participants were assigned roles of web researcher, note taker, introducer and rapporteur. Members of each workshop group will continue discussion throughout August ready to present concrete policy proposals to the full Youth Forum in September.

It is hoped that relationships fostered throughout these events will lead to future collaborations. All participants have had multiple opportunities to introduce themselves, their style of farming and their dreams for the future. It is hoped that attendees will be inspired and equipped to bring improved organisation and networking within their own communities as well as the tools to reach out to and negotiate with policy makers, as a result of the forum.

The Youth Forum events are hosted by BOND’s Romanian partner Eco Ruralis, and have been expertly adapted to online format as a response to COVID-19.


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