I grew up in Amsterdam and France (where my mother had a large garden). I worked in policy and research, then for different farms in Italy, France and the Netherlands until I settled in Friesland.  Currently I work for different farms and I rent a plot of land where I cultivate flowers, vegetables and keep chickens. I work on a 17 ha closed circuit mixed biodynamic farm and a 0.5 ha educational/care farm.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to buy land in the Netherlands because of the very high cost.  I am a member of different farmers networks and food related organisations. It’s important to organise ourselves on multiple levels of food production and the food chain, especially as farmers. I believe the solution and strength of our farms can be found in what we can share and collaborate – I’m particularly curious how we can extend this to solidarity between the global North and South.

I think some of the main opportunities are ironically linked to our challenges. The core solutions and opportunities can be found in food sovereignty and in reshaping the agricultural systems so that good nutritious food is available for all, without exploitation of people, animals or the land.